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Computers are still in hospice and Im getting ready to go on retreat

Hello everyone,

*Licks the cheeks and smacks the asses
of certain individuals (late 4 da birthdays)*

I will be going on a retreat for three days at the end of next week after, Easter stuff etc. This also qualifies as a pastoral visit so I dont have to go back down til the fall when Confirmation classes start, yeah! I do miss you all it has just been really hectic trying to play catch up but it was a necessary break from almost everything including [;.{..] erotic art and some very dear companions of mine on this journey called life. If there is anything pertinnent that you feel I missed in my abscence point it out to me in a comment with a link to the origional post so I can find it quicker. I have some great news and I will explain it more indepth on the first part of the week (with pictures).

The Reign And Rook's first issue has been released and will be on news stands this weekend. I will put graphics up here asap. Visit OLRMs Yahoo!Group for more info as of Tuesday night: Also, The Summit City Singers and Hide~n~Seeks Pub and Eatery, well here you read the graphic:

I cant wait to get into a new swing of things.Hopefully it will be soon. Happy 8 Days of the Resurrection (*shoots spell checker*)and all the other Festivals and Holy Days that I have missed on here.

Blessings and Bear Hugs
+Fr. Jude~Thaddeuss of Prompt~Succor

*Gently gropes a particular few on the way out the portal*
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